My Portfolio

A view of my dresses in the gallery, looking lovely! Photograph c. Nicholas Richards. Materials: plaster, paper napkins, mirror, plastic sheeting, tulle, feathers, netting, salt. My Mirror Dress as seen from the back. The distressing of the skirt is very visible from this angle. The silhouette of this particular piece recalls the longer lines of the 1880s. Flower Dress can be seen as well. Photograph c. Nicholas Richards. I spent a long time trying to find the correct material to construct the flowers out of. In the end I settled on the white paper napkins you get with Sodexo take-out. By the time I was finished with the dress I had gone through dozens and dozens. Materials: silk flowers, clear packing tape, plastic sheeting, tulle, wire, netting, seed pearls. One of the things that was most crucial about these dresses is the fact that they are unwearable. I wanted to emphasize the way they both are, and are not an article of clothing. They are recognizable, and yet wearing them is not possible. Materials: acrylic paint, craft glue, fabric, feathers, wire, felt flowers, tulle. Photograph c. Nicholas Richards. Materials: clear packing tape, artificial leaves, books, wire, tissue paper. Photograph c. Nicholas Richards. Secretly, every single time I look at this piece I think Photograph c. Nicholas Richards.