Artist Statement

In this series I share my perspective of identifying as a first generation American and emphasizing the clash between the Mexican and American cultures.

This type of identity crisis can be related to the experiences lived by first generation Americans during the Chicano movement of the 1960s. However, first generation millennials experience different issues than Chicanos from that era and I focus on the experiences that I observed and lived through. As part of the young Mexican-American generation we witness contemporary conflicts that exists from being both American and Mexican.

The paintings are on the walls and canvases of studio 422 in McWethy Hall and have images of comic book characters along with iconic American and Mexican figures. Arranged in a narrative sequence they render a message about the conflict between two nations. I try to make a personal connection with viewers of similar background while being able to reach out to a more general audience that can try to understand and interpret the conflict. Superman plays the role as an illegal alien in my world and is seen as an observer and being caught in the mix of the contemporary issues of identifying as undocumented.

I was heavily influenced by the work Codex Espangliensis by Enrique Chagoya, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and Felicia that challenges national identity and cultural allegiance. As well as the work of Demián Flores and his use of juxtaposition and combination of figures.