The first image in the “Rampant” series picturing a blue jay, eyes wide mouth open seeming to be yelling and is surrounded by actual foliage and a pendulum above.


Two wide eyes and a pair of hands peep out from a cloud of darkness in a state of panic.


A silhouetted body sits in darkness with only their legs and arms visible cowering down.


Two feet dangle above with violent strokes of black paint following them down the page.


Two bodies float atop the water, lifeless.


A smiling face is abstracted and enveloped in harsh paint strokes giving the image a feeling of chaos.


A female figure emerges from her shadow self.


A skeleton screams with his mouth wide open surrounded by more foliage, tarot cards, crystals and candles.


A humanoid figure looks upward towards the sky surrounded by a ring of black.


Five pigs are pictured in an objective form, mouths open, seeming to be in distress.