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Oral Presentation Guidelines




  • 1 page typed

Needs to be typed or handwritten neatly.

The topic needs to be clearly stated.

Use at least 3 sources and cite them.

Conclude with a brief summary

(There will be 10points for spelling and grammar)

  • 1 visual aid (handout, overhead, …)

Handout needs to be very informative

You need to state the most important points of your presentation on the handout.

  • The oral presentation should be 5 minutes long.

You will be graded on

Creativity ( How well did you use the new vocabulary? How real life is your dialog? Is it funny? Dramatic? Believable? )



Fluency ( do you hesitate a lot when you speak? Does it sound like your are reading? )


Expression ( Do you use French expressions or translations?)

  • Describe the monument
    • When was it built
    • By who? Why?
    • What do we use it for today?
    • Why is it interesting to visit this monument.
    • Etc.

For questions or comments, please contact Elsa Leoncini