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Title: M&M Math

Suggested Time: 45 mins

Students will predict how many M&M’s are in their bag.
Students will write how many M&M’s they have of each color.
Students will graph the colors of their M&M’s.
Students will create addition sentences with their M&M’s

Data Analysis and Probability

Small bag of M&M’s for each student
M&M worksheet

Gearing Up:

Have students add more than two colors and have them write addition sentences. Also, have students write which color had the most and which had the least.


1. Tell students that since they are studying colors, they are going to use colors in their math.
2. Explain that they will be doing M&M math.

1. Pass out worksheet and on the overhead model making predictions. Ask students to predict how many M&M’s are in their bag.
2. Model how to group M&M’s and write the actual number of each color. Show how by making groups of colors makes it easier to count.
3. Model how to graph the colors. Demonstrate how to use a red marker when you are graphing red M&M’s and so on.
4. Before giving bags of M&M’s, stress that it is important they do not eat or trade their M&M’s and they will get to eat them later.
5. Have students do worksheets. Circulate the room to help students make predictions
6. Once students are finishing up, call on different students and ask how many blue and green they have. Then ask how to turn those numbers into an addition sentence to see how many blues and greens they have in all. Do this several times.
7. Ask students how many M&M’s they had in all.
8. Ask students if any of them didn’t have a certain color in their bag.

1. Ask students why we graphed our M&M’s (so we can put our numbers into a picture)

Gearing Down:

Explain what a prediction is. Model how to predict the number of M&M’s in the bag and make sure the color predictions add up to their first prediction. Demonstrate how to make an addition sentence with two colors.


Participation: Student participates in discussion about how many M&M’s they had.

Accuracy: Student follows directions, student is able to predict and record the actual amount of M&M’s, student graphs M&M’s using appropriate colors, student’s graph matches their data.

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