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Title: Family

Suggested Time: 30-40 mins


  1. Students will define family.
  2. Students will list words that remind them of the word family.
  3. Students will demonstrate what family means to them through writing.
  4. Students will create a family crest listing words that define their family, a sentence about their family and a drawing of their family.
  5. Students will share about their families.

Standards: NCSS
Time, continuity and change
People, places and environment Individual development and identity

1 crest per student, each crest should have three sections.



  1. Discuss with students what family means to them. Who can be in your family? Can people be in your family who are not blood related? Can we consider people family if we are just very close with them? Example: my best friend since 3 rd grade.


  1. List people that are in our families, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents.
  2. Discuss that certain words may remind us of the word family and what it means. As a group, discuss and list words that we associate with family: love, care, warmth, friendship, fun, happy, close.
  3. Introduce family crests. Explain that a crest is an object that gives us information. Tell students they will create a family crest.
  4. In the first section students need to pick three words that represent their family. The second section, students need to write a sentence describing their family. In the third section, students will draw a picture of their family and label each member.


  1. Students will share their crests and discuss their family and what family means to them.

Gearing Up:

Students can write a sentence about their family and then a sentence for each family member saying why they are important to the family and why they like that member of their family.

Gearing Down:

Only have students write one or two words to describe their family. Make an outline for the sentence and have them fill in the blank with listed words. Example: My family is important to me because they are_______.

Caring, loving, helpful, fun, friendly.


Participation: Student participates in discussion, explains what family means to them, and shares ideas about words that represent family.

Accuracy: Student communicates the meaning of family to them through words and pictures, student is able to list words on their crest, writes a sentence about their family and accurately draws and labels pictures of family members.

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