Guiding Reading Group

Title: Red Group ( 2nd Grade Friends chapter 1)

Date: Monday, October 29, 2007

Rationale: Students will create ideas that connect to chapter one, by coming up with a variety of different writing topics on their own.

Objectives: 1) Students will apply different reading strategies to their reading of chapter 1 aloud (Fluency) 2) Students will create a list of writing topics.

Standards: (as of ICCSD LA benchmarks and standards)

Reading - engage in reading by applying effective strategies for comprehension.
Writing - Writes for different purposes and audiences using a variety of standard formats.

Procedure: (approx. 15 min)

 Review: Re-read pg. 4- end of chapter

  • Remind students to use expression, and pay attention to ending marks when reading.
  • Take your time! J
  • Round-robin, and aloud.
  • Each person gets to read 2 pgs. (including yourself to start)

Writing: Ask students that if they were to write a story for a visiting author, what would the write about?

  • Take suggestions verbally…
  • Explain writing assignment- they are to create a list of COMPLETE IDEAS that they could write about possibly during writer’s workshop. The ideas cannot be single words (ex: One day, a spaceship landed on top of our school. VERSUS Aliens.)
    • Model expectations for their writing; students should not be writing at this time, just watching.
    • Be sure to model capitalization, ending marks, and complete ideas (Subject with an action).
    • Need to include 3-5 complete ideas

Summary: Ask students what is happening so far in this chapter? (verbal retelling)

  • Who are the characters?
  • What is happening?
  • Where does this story take place?

Assign: Assign to read pgs. 14 through 23 (the bottom of the page)


Lesson Notes:


  • Were students actively participating (sharing answers, reading aloud, following along)? If not, look into different strategies to maintain focus
  • Did students create a list of at least 3-5 COMPLETE ideas? (Complete sentences/thoughts)

Lesson Success

_______Excellent _________Good _______Fair ______Flop

Lesson template adapted from Amy Schneider
For questions or comments, please contact Mari Hauf