English Class – 10/1/2007

Expected Time: 45 minutes


  • Following a procedural recipe for making bird’s nests, students will be able to cooperatively work in small groups of four or five to each create one bird’s nest for lunchtime dessert.
  • Students will be able to verbally restate the purpose of the food chart, and participate in a teacher-modeled demonstration of writing a super sentence by suggesting what should be written.
  • Students will be able to work independently to create their own food charts, using both the classroom chart and their own food ideas, and write original super sentences in their journals.


  • Ideas and Organization
  • Linguistic Structures and Features


  • Spelling tests (corrected) & student journals
  • Poem of the week, “Rain”
  • White board food chart
  • Bird’s nest recipe text (x52)
  • Ingredients – chow mein noodles, chocolate, peanut butter, candies
  • Microwave
  • Bowls/pans (for 3 groups)

Before class, set up a table with ingredients and the oven, and pull out the tables so there are 3 areas that students can gather around.

Opening Activities (7-10 minutes):

*Spelling test: As students enter the classroom, direct them to get their journal, and hand back the spelling tests so that students can glue it into their books. Then, students can make a circle on the carpet.

*Recipe explanation: When students are gathered, remind them that today, we are going to make yummy food for dessert, a bird’s nest! Give each student a copy of the recipe.

*Cover some of the important vocabulary with the students. i.e. What is an ingredient? (an item we use to make the nest)

*Explain to students that they will be working in groups of four or five that have already been decided. Each member of the group has a special job – the leader will be in charge of making sure that everyone is where they should be and decides when things are done. The reader is in charge of reading the recipe, the collector is the only person who can come to the teacher to get the ingredients, and the monitor needs to make sure that everyone has written their name by their bird’s nest and help the teacher carry the bird’s nests down to the fridge. Everyone will help to make their bird’s nests!

*When you get with your group, the first thing that you need to do is wash your hands in the sink! Then, put on your aprons and bandannas before beginning to read the recipe and come to the teacher for necessary items.

*As you give students their groups, send them out to line up and wash their hands.

Cooking (15-20 minutes?): *After students have washed their hands and are ready to start cooking, assist students by handing out the ingredients to the collector, helping with the microwave, and rotating through groups to make sure that everyone understands the instructions and are cooperating to make their bird’s nests.

*When students have finished making their bird’s nests, the monitor should check that the names are on the tray and then help the teacher carry them to the fridge. Each group should then clean up their tables and mixing bowls – if one group finishes extra early, they can help the others clean up, too.

Further Activities:

*If all of the students finish early with creating bird’s nest and there is time left over in the class, gather students back on the carpet. Begin by introducing a new poem of the week, “Rain.” Read it through once or twice with students.

*Next, ask students to remind you of what we were doing with our yummy food chart (describing food, making super sentences). Tell students that now, we are going to make our own yummy food charts in our notebooks. Show students a sample chart drawn in a notebook – turn it sideways. When students have drawn their charts and filled them in with yummy foods, they should write some food super sentences. Model a super sentence with the students – ask them to tell you what to write, using one of our foods as an example. Leave one or two chart rows empty for students to create their own food descriptions.


  • Observe students as they participate in the cooking activity – students should be able to cooperate with each other, and each student should be participating in the creation of the bird’s nests while carrying out their individual tasks (leader, reader, monitor, collector).
  • Check students’ notebooks during the independent work time. Students should have at least started to draw and fill in their yummy food chart, if not started writing super sentences. Check that students followed directions for drawing their chart and have followed the modeling example to create their own sentences.

Lesson Success

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