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I have my research, and I have my book. How do they fit together? That's one of the main parts of a process called synthesis, which can mean that you are combining information from two separate sources into one whole piece--exactly what your multi-genre research paper is going to be!

You've already begun the process of making connections while you were completing your notes, whether you realized it or not! Remember where you answered the question "Why is this important?" That's a great place to start!

As you look through your notes, think about how it has helped to inform you of real people and places in the 19th century. Now, go back to the Tasks page and refresh yourself on the questions in the dark blue boxes. As you answer those questions, you'll be able to combine the knowledge that you gained through research with what you know about Boston Jane.

So, how do I put that together into a multi-genre research paper? Combine both sides of your knowledge into one--sounds easy, but it will take some thinking and creativity!

Here's an example to get you started brainstorming:

I did a lot of research on the setting of Boston Jane, Shoalwater Bay. To organize my thoughts, I've made a comparison chart of the features of Shoalwater Bay that I discovered through web sites and of what the book describes. I decide to create a Venn diagram, which will compare and contrast my findings visually. I draw my diagram and fill it in with specific details to finish my comparison piece of the settings in Boston Jane and the actual Shoalwater Bay.

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An empty Venn diagram. My contrasting information goes in the outside areas of the circles, while information that is the same goes in the middle.


Your turn! Think of some possible connections you can make and how you would represent them in your paper. Discuss ideas with your group before you make a final decision.

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