You're almost there! Now it's time for you to compile all the research you've completed into a multi-genre research paper, which will serve as an informational tool for your classmates and future students who read Boston Jane.

A diary entry from the 1850s
Image courtesy of the California State Library

This is a real diary entry from a California woman in the 1850s. You may wish to re-create a diary of a 19th century woman for a genre piece.

What exactly is a multi-genre research paper? I'm glad you asked!

Genres, in the sense of a multi-genre paper, are various ways of presenting the information you have discovered during research. This can be a poem, a newspaper article, a diary entry, or a drawing or collage! The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

A multi-genre paper, then, is a collection of the pieces you create from your research on the historical authenticity of Boston Jane. A multi-genre research paper allows you to bring your own ideas and creativity to the mix, as it is a personal expression of your group's findings!

Okay, I understand. Now what?

These are the things that I expect from your paper. You should work together as a group to create this paper, and each member will be responsible for two separate pieces (for a group of three, you should have 6 genres represented). Remember to work together with each other to map out a plan before you begin to piece everything together.

1. Title Page: This is where you will come up a with a name for your paper, and don't forget to include the names of all your group members! Put a date on the title page, too, so that future students (and your teacher) will know when it was made.

2. Table of Contents: When you have finished your pieces and put them in order, create a page that lists the genres you have included in the order they appear.

3. Introduction: This is where you have the chance to talk about your paper! Write this as a group. Some questions you should answer in your introduction are listed, but you may want to add more!

Why did you put this paper together?
What should a reader know about Boston Jane before continuing reading?
Why did you choose the genres you did?

4. Body: This is where the fun begins! Your group should have six pieces in total, and you decide how to arrange them, making sure they are in a logical order. For example, you may wish to begin with pieces that deal with Task 1, then Tasks 2 and 3. A list of genres you may use is linked below:

Types of Genre

What does it mean to connect my research to Boston Jane?

5. Resources Used: The final piece of your research paper is a list of the web sites you have used. Remember, you can find these within your notes, where you previously listed the web site that certain information came from. For your resources list, please follow the directions for web site citations from the link below.

How do I cite my sources for a bibliography?

Information adapted from: Your Multigenre Web

Your paper is finished--isn't that great?!? Now, it will be available as a classroom book for other students to check out. You can take time to browse through others' books, and even future students who read Boston Jane will be able to see the things that you have learned!

So, how is this project assessed?

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