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Erin N. Masimore
5108 Poplar Avenue
Nisswa, MN 56468


To obtain a position in Secondary English and German where I can assist students in discovering the German culture and language and also enhance student understanding of English grammar, writing and literature through creative approaches.



Bachelor of Arts: Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa. June 2008
Majors: German and Secondary Education
GPA: 3.965/4.000


Teaching Endorsements:
5-12 German and 5-12 Language Arts


Honors, Awards, and Scholarships:
Delta Phi Alpha , 2007-present
DuVal Prize, 2006
Dean's List, 2004-2007
Samuel Fellows Scholarship, 2004-2008


Pre-Professional Experience:

Student Teacher. German, Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. August-November 2007.

General Activities

      • Met with students needing extra help before and after school
      • Fostered relationships with parents by participating in parent-teacher conferences
      • Updated a class website with homework, class schedules, and upcoming quizzes and tests to keep both students and parents up-to-date on the class schedule and expectations
      • Communicated student achievement to parents via e-mail grade reports
      • Observed ITED testing
      • Participated in German Club planning and activities
      • Created seating charts to meet the needs of students based on their IEP’s, 504 plans, and previous attention and achievement

German I

      • Created lessons on the rules of basic verb conjugation using lecture, worksheets, and games to appeal to all types of learners and to improve students’ skills.
      • Created a Jeopardy-style review game to capture the students attention and to create excitement about reviewing grammatical rules
      • Improved students’ memory of grammar concepts and rules by utilizing simple songs and mnemonic devices
      • Developed projects dealing with family trees and creating a dream house to foster and encourage student creativity

German II

      • Utilized a rap song to make the rules of the genitive case more memorable to students
      • Expanded students’ knowledge of German food, restaurants, and shopping by encouraging student creativity when writing menus and skits

German III

      • Reviewed adjective endings using lecture, overhead charts, and a reading activity using the fairy tale Rotkäppchen to meet the needs of different types of learners.
      • Developed partner and whole class activities to create a cooperative learning environment.

German IV/AP

      • Taught a unit dealing with the discrimination of Turkish Muslims by Neo-Nazis using the fiction book Yıldız heiβt Stern
      • Reviewed the uses of the verb “werden” using examples dealing with current environmental issues to connect the material to a current social concern

Practicum. Southeast Junior High and West High School, Iowa City, Iowa. February 2007.

  • Observed and assisted in the 7th grade German I class at Southeast Junior High
  • Observed and assisted in the German I, German II, and German IV/V classes at West High School
  • Observed student presentations culminating a unit about why students should take German, which were later presented to the middle school students to encourage them to enroll in German classes

Practicum. Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. April 2007.

  • Observed the German I, German II, German III, and German IV/V classes at Kennedy High School to experience and evaluate a different teaching method
  • Spoke with students about their expectations of their teachers to gain insight into how to be an effective teacher


Professional Affiliation and Experience:
American Association of Teachers of German, January 2007-Present
Iowa World Languages Association 2007 Fall Conference

  • Attended workshops on using different teaching strategies in the language classroom
  • Shared ideas and lesson plans with other German teachers from around the state


Related Experience:

Volunteer Teaching Assistant. Projects Abroad, Cape Town, South Africa. January-March 2008.

  • Taught English to students at a school in a township outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

Children’s Program Coordinator. Eagles Nest Resort, Nisswa, Minnesota. June-August 2007.

  • Created activities, nature crafts, and lessons for children between the ages of three and fifteen
  • Led hour-long sessions on “Animals of the Northwoods” every weekday morning

German Tutor. Cornell College , Mount Vernon, Iowa. Sept. 2005 – May 2007.

  • Assisted college-level German students in understanding course material by explaining concepts and grammar rules with which they were struggling
  • Guided students in editing their papers to help them recognize, understand, and correct their mistakes.

Bookstore Clerk. Rainy Days Bookstore, Nisswa, Minnesota. April 2004 – Present

  • Recommend books to children based on their age, reading level, and interest
  • Helped teenagers find appropriate books based on conversations about their interests

Small Group Leader. St. Christopher’s Youth Group, Nisswa, Minnesota. September 2003 - April 2004

  • Led high school students in small group discussions about the daily choices they have to make
  • Assisted in leading large group discussions and activities dealing with issues high school students commonly face in school



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