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Unit: The Bill of Rights

Lesson: Introduction to the Bill of Rights

The purpose is to provide students with an overall basis of knowledge of the Bill of Rights by providing history and facts with open discussion. Students will grow by furthering their knowledge of the Bill of Rights and learning how to act as citizens.

Lesson: The Freedom of Speech

Students, as citizens, should be aware of the rights granted to them by The Bill of Rights. My students will study The First Amendment in particular because students should understand how they can express themselves and as citizens have the freedom to defend their rights. This will show students there is a sense of fluctuation to how the Constitution can be interpreted.

Unit: The Middle East

Lesson: Importance of Oil and Water

Students, in this lesson, will demonstrate what they have learned about how oil and water effect the people that live within the Middle East and decide in groups which is more important.

Lesson: Travel to the Middle East

The final assessment of the Middle East Unit was to write an essay about where you would like to travel to in the Middle East. Students had library books to use as references to better structure their writing. They were also required to find or draw a picture depicting their location.

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