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Sample Lesson Plans

Language Arts: Making Words

For this lesson, students read a short story as a whole class and identified words that made the long "o" sound. Then, using cards I created for the lesson, they built words with the long "o" sound spelled "oa" and "ow".

Click here to view the lesson plan.

Math: Multiplication Stories

I created this lesson as a practice lesson to teach to my Elementary Math Methods class. The lesson is designed to help students solidify multiplication skills by creating their own story problems to solve.

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Science: Water Investigations

In this lesson, students investigate the properties of water through experimentation. They test how water droplets behave on wax paper, paper towels, and aluminum foil.

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Social Studies: Conflict Resolution

For this lesson, the class reads the book "Smoky Night" by Eve Bunting as a segway to talking about conflict resolution. From this discussion, a conflict resolution plan is developed as a class.

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