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Philosophy of Education

I firmly believe that all children have the ability to learn, think creatively and manage themselves. Therefore, the teacher must act as a guide to encourage the academic success of every student. Teachers must foster a trusting relationship with each student in order for that student to thrive in a nurturing, interactive learning environment.

Each student learns differently, so teachers must thoroughly acquaint themselves with the needs of every student. Students need to progress at their own pace and must therefore be provided with activities at ranging levels of difficulty. Students must have engaging, interactive, concrete experiences and work cooperatively in order to learn.

Mutual respect will be the primary value of our classroom. To demonstrate respect, I will include students in rule-making and rule-enforcing. Students need to feel a sense of ownership of and active participation in their classroom in order create a safe and inclusive learning environment. When students actively participate in their own learning, they accept more responsiblity for it.

True learning requires delving beyond the memorization of facts; students must learn the very process of learning by constantly asking questions and seeking answers of their own. Children are naturally inquisitive, and teachers must use their students' natural curiosity to their advantage to make them want to learn. Teachers must allow students to explore subjects that interest them, and support and guide them in their quest for knowledge about the world.

At the same time, teachers must be continuous learners themselves. A teacher must desire to learn from students as well as teach. A teacher's evident passion for learning provides a model for students. To demonstrate a love of learning, a teacher must be resourceful and open to new ideas. This will help both teachers and students grow in the learning process.


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