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Sample Lesson Plans

M&M Math Graphing Lesson

I have included a lesson which focuses on making predictions, graphing, writing and creating addition sentences. For this lesson I had students predict how many M&M’s of each color were in a small bag I gave them. Once they recorded their predictions, they were to count the actual amounts of each color and record them. Next they were to write an addition sentence combining colors.

Family Crests Social Studies Lesson

I have included a lesson I created about family. During this lesson students discussed the importance of family and different types of family structures. Then, students created a family crest where they listed words which represent their family, a sentence about their family and a drawing of their family. Therefore, I incorporated discussion, writing and illustration throughout the lesson.

Who is a Scientist Science Lesson

This lesson is based around information in the science content area but involves reading, discussion, exploration and demonstration. I have also included plans to gear up or gear down the lesson if needed.

The Chick and the Duckling Reading Lesson

During this lesson students discussed vocabulary, reviewed main points from the story they read, read sentence strips from the story and then assemble sentence strips after being cut apart. This lesson involved discussion, review, reading, comprehension and a hands-on activity to reinforce skills.


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