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Laura Achey



Permanent Address:
1430 Lemon Ave.
Tipton , Iowa 52772
(563) 886-2433

Present Address:
810 Commons Circle #101
Mount Vernon , Iowa 52314
(319) 480-5032


Bachelor’s of Art: Elementary Education. Cornell College: Mount Vernon, Iowa. May 2008
Endorsement: K-6 classroom teacher
Honors/Awards: ACE scholarship
GPA: 3.2 (4.0 scale)

Loras College: Dubuque, Iowa. Fall 2003-Spring 2005
Honors/Awards/Scholarships: Merit Scholarship, Student Ambassador, Dean’s list
GPA: 4.0 (4.0 scale)


Student Teaching: 1 st grade classroom, Lisbon Elementary, Lisbon, Iowa. August-November 2007

  • Implemented an individual behavior plan by communicating with parents and student.
  • Wrote narratives about each student and participated in parent-teacher conferences
  • Attended all staff meetings, conferences, and professional development days.
  • Observed and participated in several other elementary classrooms.


  • Taught several math units covering addition, subtraction, graphing and estimation through engaging activities such as group projects, drawing, creating and using hand-made materials.
  • Assessed students work and re-taught when necessary to scaffold students’ learning.
  • Incorporated a variety of manipulatives such as hand-made base ten sticks, number lines and cubes to aid students in their learning process.


  • Created thematic units including apples, pumpkins, and bones which corresponded with seasons, months and holidays.
  • Implemented hands-on activities to encourage the learning of new concepts such as the study of different types of apples and student created books about each type.
  • Used cross-curricular lesson plans which covered several areas of study to demonstrate how one can use scientific practices in other areas of study. For example, students observed and estimated how many seeds were in a pumpkin. Students then dissected the pumpkin and created groups of ten with the seeds to encourage the new math concept of base-ten.

Social Studies

  • Taught a unit on family in which students represented concepts of family through visual displays and words to stress the importance of family and different types of family structures.
  • Incorporated seasonal themes into social studies lessons such as Johnny Appleseed and the pilgrims which corresponded with the season from a history aspect. Used a variety of instructional strategies throughout units and lessons to foster different types of learning.


  • Administered developmental reading assessments to determine students’ needs in reading.
  • Utilized whole group, small group and individual instruction to provide students with a variety of learning opportunities.
  • Selected reading materials for instruction based on students’ reading abilities to scaffold their reading levels.
  • Used journaling, writing, discussion, free-reading and guided reading to enhance reading and writing skills.
  • Incorporated writing during reading groups to encourage both skills at the same time.

Language Arts and Children’s Literature Practicum: 4 th grade classroom, Penn Elementary, North Liberty, Iowa. February & March 2007

  • Assisted mentor teacher in preparing materials for class
  • Completed a child study on an individual student’s reading and writing.
  • Facilitated small group and individual work to provide individualized instruction and feedback.
  • Instructed a guided reading lesson for a small group.
  • Frequently assisted students with reading and writing through one-on-one tutoring to provide individual attention.
  • Aided in assessment.
  • Administered weekly spelling tests.
  • Assisted in preparing artifacts for parent-teacher conferences to learn about the process of organizing data.

Math, Social Studies and Science Practicum: 1 st grade classroom, Lisbon Elementary, Lisbon, Iowa. October & November 2006

  • Worked with and assisted students during Math, Social Studies and Science.
  • Frequently read aloud children’s books which corresponded with the Social Studies curriculum.
  • Instructed a math lesson on addition and subtraction through the use of manipulatives.
  • Assisted in assessing students for parent teacher conferences by providing number recognition assessments.


Teacher’s Assistant & Area Supervisor. Montessori Children’s Garden. North Liberty, Iowa. Summer 2006-Present
Daycare Provider. Sycamore Learning Center: Tipton, Iowa. Summer 2005-Spring 2006
Telcounselor & Advisor. Loras College Admissions Office. Dubuque , Iowa . Fall 2003-Spring 2005
Receptionist. Natural Therapy Massage. Tipton, Iowa. Spring 2002-Fall 2007
Red Cross Swim Instructor and Swim Coach, Lifeguard. City of Tipton: Tipton, Iowa. Summer 2002-2004

Aided in local farm restoration: Fall 2007 
Volunteered at an Iowa football game: Fall 2007
Helped maintain Palisades Park: Fall 2005
Angel Food Drive : Spring 2007
Maintained a highway: Fall 2006
Clothes Drive : Fall 2006
Elementary helper. Lisbon Elementary: Fall 2006
Shelved books. Mount Vernon Public Library: Spring 2007

Alpha Sigma Pi Sorority Fall 2006-Spring 2008



Dr. Kerry Bostwick
Professor and Advisor
Education Department, Chair
(319) 895-4282
108 College Hall
Cornell College Mount Vernon , IA

Dr. Gayle Luck
Education Department
(319) 895-4251
108 College Hall
Cornell College Mount Vernon , IA

Jane Jones
Montessori Children’s Garden
Co-Owner, Head Teacher
20 Circle Drive
North Liberty, IA  52317
(319) 665-9625

Marilyn Pleasant
Lisbon Elementary School
Student Teaching Mentor Teacher
1 st Grade Teacher
235 W. School St.
P.O. Box 839
Lisbon , IA
(319) 455-2659


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