The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes


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"Bring me all of you dreams,
You dreamers,
Bring me all of your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world. "







































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The Dream Keeper, is a book of poetry written by the famous African American poet, Langston Hughes.

Congratulations on finishing the book! Here you have a webquest covering Langston Hughes, The Dream Keeper, themes found in poetry and different African-American poets! For this webquest you will need a notebook, a pencil, a copy of The Dream Keeper, a white piece of construction paper and any drawing and coloring tools you want. You are to be working alone on the webquest so feel free to work at your own pace and complete tasks in the order most appealing to you. Enjoy!

Here you will:

  • Research the life of Langston Hughes
  • Discuss themes from The Dream Keeper
  • Work with imagery
  • Evaluate poems by other famous African-American poets


Task 1: The Life of Langston Hughes.

The purpose of this topic to investigate the life of Langston Hughes. Click on the picture below to read a biography on Langston Hughes. Then, answer the questions listed below in your notebook.

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When and where was Langston Hughes born?

Click on the link about the Harlem Renaissance, briefly explain what it is and how Langston Hughes is connected to it.
What types of rhythms does Langston Hughes use in his poems?
Langston Hughes wrote more than poetry, what other types of writing was he involved in?

Suggested websites:
Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance 2

Rhythm and Poetry

Rhythm and Poetry 2

Task 2: Themes.

The purpose of this task is to look at the themes of the book, The Dream Keeper.
First you will need to look at each of the major themes of the book, these include: The Dream Keeper, Sea Charm, Dressed Up, Feet O' Jesus and Walkers with the Dawn. Pay careful attention to the structure of the poems, the use of vocabulary and what the poems in each of the themes have in common. Then you will need to do the following:

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Pick your favorite theme from the book.
Describe the writing style.
List what emotions the poems of the theme portray.

If you are having trouble identifying the writing style of the poem you like, this site contains information about different writing styles used in poerty.
Poetry Writing Styles

Task 3: The Use of Imagery in Poetry.

For this task you will be looking at three specific poems from The Dream Keeper. After reading each, please complete the following.

The poems you need to look at are:Fairies, Aunt Sue's Stories, & Long Trip.

After reading each poem, pick your favorite and continue to the questions below.

Define imagery. What is it's purpose? Why use it when writing? How does it function?
Pick your favorite out of the three. How is imagery used to enhance the poem? What words in the poem are used to form images in your mind?
On your white piece of paper, draw what you think the poem would "look" like.
In at least one paragraph, explain why you drew the poem the way you did. What elements of your picture connect to words in the poem? What is the tone or theme of the poem and how did you illustrate that?

Here are some useful sites:

Imagery Poems

The Perfect Poem- Uses of Imagery

Task 4: Other Famous African-American Poets.

Here you will be reading poetry from three other famous African-American poets. Click on the photos below to read their poetry. Then you will need to:

  • Pick one poem from the three.
  • Write why you chose that particular poem. What do you like? What do you dislike?
  • Give examples of similarities and differences between the poem you picked out and poems by Langston Hughes.
  • Refer back to the task about themes in The Dream Keeper. Which theme do you think the poem you picked fits into? Why? If is does not fit into the themes in The Dream Keeper, what do you think it's theme is? Explain your answer.

    Margaret Walker

    Nikki Giovanni

    Paul Laurence Dunbar

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What other sites might be useful for my tasks?

Langston Hughes

A Tribute to Langston Hughes




I would like you to create a reflection paper about your work. In it I would like you to include:

  • What you found most difficult.
  • What you learned.
  • Your favorite task and why.

Teacher's Rubric

Here I have included a copy of the rubric I will use to grade your work. You should reference it before handing anything in to make sure you met the criteria.





Completion of Tasks Followed all of the directions for each task. Gave complete answers Followed all the directions but 1 or 2 answers were not complete. Did not follow directions and had more than 2 incomplete answers.

Grammar and Spelling

Work contained 1 or 2 mechanical errors. Work contained 2-4 mechanical errors. Work contained more than 4 mechanical errors.


Student's drawing was complete, creative, thorough and connected to the poem Student's drawing slightly lacked creativity, and was somewhat connected to the poem. Student's drawing was not creative, work was rushed and was not connected to the poem


It was evident that the student referenced the provided websites. Student did not show much proof in using the provided websites in his or her answers Student did not use the websites to complete tasks.


If you have any questions, email