Mari L. Hauf
4846 S. Danube Way
Aurora , CO 80015
(303) 513-2450

Academic Information:

Bachelor of Arts Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA, January, 2008
Major: Elementary Education
Endorsements: K-6 classroom teacher
GPA: 3.54/4.0

Pre-professional Experience:

Student Teaching : Multiage 1st/2nd grade, Irving B. Weber Elementary School Iowa City, Iowa. Aug. – Nov. 2007


  • Lead 5 different Guided Reading groups with focus on reading strategies such as re-reading, looking at pictures, and reader’s voice, to promote fluency and comprehension.
  • Created reading activities such as drawings or written connections to extend students’ knowledge of their reading.
  • Read and discussed a variety of different picture books connected to science curriculum to develop background knowledge for our Life Cycles and Health unit.


  • Modeled the writing process, as well as handwriting to develop students’ writing techniques.
  • Responded to students’ free-writing stories and ideas to develop students’ ideas more completely when necessary.
  • Developed student awareness of their use of grammar and punctuation in writing by conferencing with individual students about their writing.


  • Began teaching a new math curriculum using Everyday Mathematics.
  • Explored math manipulatives with students to aid with concepts such as counting forward and counting backwards, basic math facts, and grouping.
  • Created differentiated activities within lessons to support readiness or extensions.


  • Explored a science unit with students entitled “Life Cycles” using literature that connected to the scientific concepts students were being introduced to in order to develop background knowledge.
  • Guided investigative discussions and questions about caterpillars, butterflies, and life cycles to enhance background knowledge and develop further questions about the unit.
  • Created bulletin boards for the hall and classroom about caterpillar anatomy and life styles to expose students to unit vocabulary and showcase student work for the school.
  • Discussed drugs and alcohol, what they were and how to stay away from them, as an introduction to the health curriculum.


  • Attended weekly team and building meetings.
  • Created a variety of different bulletin boards showcasing student work as well as information.
  • Coordinated volunteer times with parents.
  • Collaborated with parents and teachers about different behavior strategies.
  • Communicated with parents in person and by e-mail about a variety of behavioral concerns.
  • Participated in a building-wide “book study” on engaging our students through opportunities for inquiry and guiding questions to create a deeper understanding in language arts.
  • Aided in preparing for parent-teacher conferences.

Practicum: 5 th/ 6 th grade combination Wickham Elementary School, Iowa City School District , Feb. – Mar. 2007


  • Assessed a student’s reading ability and strategies with a Child Study to decide whether or not the student’s reading ability was affecting her comprehension.
  • Lead a book club through a multicultural literature unit by utilizing an organization packet of information which included vocabulary, predictions, key events, and questions that arose during our reading.
  • Developed open-ended discussion questions that asked students to make inferences within their multicultural literature unit to enhance reading development.


  • Provided support for students during a Magnets and Motors unit by answering questions and collaborating with partnered students about experiment issues or problems.
  • Developed a class game in which students held group discussions covering pressing issues such as right vs. wrong to increase team work.

Practicum: 1st grade, Hiawatha Elementary School, Cedar Rapids School District, Oct. – Nov. 2006


  • Provided additional support for individuals learning about money and time by incorporating extended activities such as games, into their lessons.
  • Prepared math materials - hand outs, manipulatives and workbooks - for daily lessons.

Related Work Experience:

Teacher Assistant: 2 year olds - school age classrooms, Parker Landing Child Development, Aurora, CO, Jun. 2002- Aug. 2004

  • Prepared lunch and snacks for students.
  • Chaperoned field trips such as swimming pools, theme parks, and arcades.
  • Created art activities for pre-school ages.
  • Assisted with regular teaching duties; made photocopies, helped plan lessons, and assisted with “recess” duties.

Campus Activities:

Member of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) 2007
Cornell College Cheerleading 2006-2007
Residence Life Assistant 2005-2007
Band Ensemble 2004-2007
Interlibrary Loan Specialist 2004-2007


Jennifer Shaffer
Student Teaching Mentor
Weber Elementary
3850 Rohret Road SW
Iowa City , IA 52246
(319) 688-1170

Gayle Luck, Ph. D
Professor, Student Teaching Supervisor, Academic Advisor
108 College Hall
Cornell College
(319) 895-4251 (work)

Kerry Bostwick, Ph. D
Professor, Student Teaching Supervisor
106 College Hall
Cornell College
(319) 895-4282 (work)

Kristin Reimann
Library Secretary, Work Study Supervisor
Russell D. Cole Library
Cornell College
(319) 895-4201 (work)

Carolyn Duven
NRHH Advisor
1 st Floor Ebersole
Cornell College
(319) 895- 4133 (work)

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