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You made it! Now, how did you do?

Evaluation: Congratulations on saving the kitten! Would you like to know how well you did? This is how I will be evaluating your pieces. This evaluation includes your "self-reflection" of your work. Please place an 'x' within which category you believe describes how you worked on this webquest. Include comments as to why you chose the grade you did, in the comments section. I'm trusting you for this process, please be honest! Be sure to turn the reflection back into me, since it does count as part of your final grade!

Self Reflection
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Accomplished quite well!

I could have worked harder.

I didn't try my best

Fable definitions (Step 1)


Information about the Middle-East (Step 2)

Completeness of fable (Step 3)      

Grammar and Spelling


Additional Questions:

Did you like this webquest?

What did you find challenging?

What did you find to be too simple?

What parts did you like/dislike?






Teacher Evaluation
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Very Thorough
Not fully complete
Needed to try harder
Grammar and Spelling
There are no mistakes within the notebook
Few mistakes
Too many mistakes to count
Task 1

All of the questions are thoughtfully answered


Student read at least 2 fables


Recorded all the necessary info into their notebook

Most of the questions were answered


Student read at least 1 fable


Commented on parts of the fable. Some information may be lacking

No evidence that questions were answered

Student didn't preview any of the given fables


Information is missing from their notebook


Task 2


Answered questions about Sitti as a fable

Answers are explained

Examples and page numbers are recorded

Student reviewed and recorded at least 4 web sites

Student included important facts or information learned, from each of the web sites


Answered questions about Sitti as a fable, however, answers are not thoroughly explained

Less than 3 examples may have been given

Student reviewed less than 4 web sites

Student didn't record information from each of the web sites


No evidence that the questions were answered

No examples or page numbers were given

Student didn't review or record any web sites visited

Student didn't record any information learned from any of the web sites

Task 3

Student read at least 2 of the provided texts, and recorded the necessary information into their notebook

Student answered all 5 questions for each book


Student provided a draft of their fable


Student may have included a "writing guide" (if necessary)


Student read only 1 of the provided texts

Not all necessary information (author, title, etc.) is included in their notebook

Student answered at least 3 of the 5 questions for the book they read

Student provided a draft of their fable. It may not be completed

Student could have included a "writing guide"




Student didn't read any of the provided texts

Therefore, no book information was included in notebook


Student didn't answer any of the questions to consider

Student didn't accomplish the task of writing a fable

Student did not include a writing guide


No effort shown!


Self Reflection: Was it turned in, yes or no?

Additional Comments:






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