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Step 1: Investigating fables

Your goal within this task to to understand, and state said understanding, of what a fable is or includes.


  • Do you have your name in your notebook?
  • Have you titled this lesson?

Task: Before you continue your research about what a fable is, please write in your notebook, everything you already know about fables. This may include elements that are important in fables, examples of known fables, and also what you believe the purpose of a fable is. Do they educate? Entertain? Both?

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One common fable includes
The Boy Who Cried Wolf


What is a fable? These sites may help you discover that answer...

A short guide to fables


Encyclopedia definition (more difficult)

Encyclopedia definition (simplified)



Remember: The goal of this step is to understand what a fable is. Therefore, since you've accomplished this investigation, please answer "How would you describe a fable?" in your notebook.

Make sure your notes and information about fables are clear. You will be coming back to these notes in Step 3!

Before you continue: Now that you understand what a fable is, check out a few of these fables! You need to read at least 2 of the following fables and record the title as well as the lesson that is trying to be explained.

Examples of fables...

The Lion and the Mouse

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Tortoise and the Eagle

The Fox and the Goat

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The fables above are from Aesop, who wrote many famous fables. He was actually born a slave, and is known for his philosophical writings.


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