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Photo courtesy of Palestine-net

*Note: Palestine is also considered Israel (or Jerusalem). Please remember this while conducting your research about the area.



"The Holy Sepulchre" in

Photo courtesy of the University of Chicago


Step 2: Investigating the Middle East

Now that you're an expert on fables, would you classify Sitti and the Cats as a fable? Why or why not? Record your answers in your notebook, and give 3 examples from the text to supports your opinion. Include page numbers.

Great! It seems as though you understand what a fable is. But, did you know that fables can be found in different cultures from around the world? Take another look at Sitti and the Cats. This tale is from Palestine, which is located in the Middle East (see map to the left). In order to understand the cultural aspect of Sitti, the author, Sally Bahous, gives the reader some background information about life in Palestinian villages.

To complete this step, you will be investigating other important aspects of the Middle Eastern culture, as well as reading some Middle Eastern fables and stories that can be found in our own classroom.

Remember: You need to be recording the information you find into your investigation notebook. Important information includes: the web site's name and address, interesting facts about daily life, and possibly other questions that you would like answered. View the following web sites for further help.

Task: Using the provided links, continue your investigation about the Middle-Eastern culture. You need to review at least 4 of the 7 links.

Photo courtesy of Diary and Commentary

The photo above is of a Middle Eastern woman wearing a burka. A burka is a cloak that women are supposed to wear, that covers their entire body. Sometimes, the only part allowed to be exposed is their eyes.


Investigating the Middle-East



Arabian Faces *This page has a critique of paintings of Middle Eastern women. Very interesting!


Phew, that was a lot of work! But thanks for working so hard! One final step until you can rescue the kitten. She is very grateful for your help!


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