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Step 3: Creating your own fable

Congratulations on getting this far!

Taking the information that you have learned from the previous two steps, you are going to write your own fable. BUT FIRST, I would like you to preview a few different stories from the Middle East.

The following books in our classroom are to used for this webquest. They contain themes found important to the Middle Eastern culture. I would like you to read at least 2 of the following books and record the "questions to consider" and your answers into your investigative notebook.

List of Books
Questions to consider for EACH book

Mansa Musa: The Lion of Mali
by: Khephra Burns

1) Who were the characters in this story?

2) What lesson was trying to be taught? If any?

3) How is Middle-Eastern life portrayed in this story?

4) Is this a story a fable? Why or why not?

5) Did you like this story? Why or why not?

Ayat Jamila: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents
by: Sarah Conover & Freda Crane

The Animals of Paradise
by: Naura Durkee

Animal Tales from the Arab World
by: Denys Johnson-Davies

*Book list has been adapted from a Muslim book list

Remember: Please record the title, author, and date you read each book into your notebook. This information will document each book that you have read, and will go at the top of each page, before the "questions to consider."

Task: Are you ready to create your own fable? Give it a try! Your draft will go inside your investigative notebook, but make sure you label this page with a title and the date.


  • You may want to review your notes about fables and about Middle-Eastern culture, from Steps 1 & 2.
  • Does your fable have a title?
  • Does your fable teach a lesson or a moral?
  • Who are your characters?

Do you need a more detailed outline to help you write? Check this out!
All you need to do is print this out and you have a thorough guideline to your writing!

Completion: Congratulations! You've successfully completed this webquest and rescued the kitten! When you turn in your investigative notebooks, be sure you name is on everything. Also, please be sure to include any additional papers that you may have used during this webquest (for example: did you use the guideline to writing a fable? If so, staple that in your notebook).


*TEACHERS NOTE: The guideline to writing a fable is actually taken from C-R-E-A-T-E for Mississippi: Challenging Regional Educators to Advance Technology for Education. To view their homepage, click here




If you have any questions, email