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Sitti and the Cats: A Tale of Friendship
Written by: Sally Bahous
Illustrated by: Nancy Malick

This Palestinian fairy tale was about Sitti, a kind, elderly woman from Palestine. After helping a kitten in need, Sitti is invited to the kitten's cave. There, the elegantly dressed cats were so glad that Sitti had rescued the kitten, that they gave her a strange gift of garlic peels and onion peels, and instructed her to put them under her bed that night. The next morning, Sitti awoke to find that the strange gift had turned into gold and silver coins. Im Yusuf, Sitti's greedy neighbor, goes to the cats' cave to demand her own gift. However, during the night, the garlic and onions she received had changed to bees and wasps and started attacking her. It was Sitti's kindness and care that caused the garlic and onions to turn to coins. Im Yusuf's greed and rudeness caused them to turn to bees and wasps. Im Yusuf had learned from her mistakes, and was a much kinder person from then on.

Your goals:
Congratulations! I hope that you enjoyed Sitti and the Cats! But wait, the kitten has done it again! She has climbed another tree, has gotten stuck, and needs your help to get down. In order to help her, you are need to complete three steps.

After you have completed reading the story, I'm asking you to expand your knowledge of fairy tales or fables based upon Middle Eastern culture and American culture.

  • Determine what a fairy tale or fable means.
  • Understand how fables vary, when placed in a cultural context.
  • Create your own short fable tale.

Before getting started:
Before you begin your investigation into the culture and lives of those in the Middle East, as well as your further understanding of fairy tales and fables, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Find a partner with whom you are going to be successful.
  • Gather your investigative notebook and pencil.
  • Remember to have fun, and enjoy your investigations!

Q. What is an investigative notebook?
A. This notebook is for you to keep throughout your investigations, as you discover new information you find to be interesting. It also includes your quest assignments. This way, all of your information can stay together.


Start climbing on to Step 1 !




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