Sample Lesson Plan

Title: Our Extended Response Rubric

Date: Monday, September 23

Suggested Time: 40 minutes

Students will be able to:
- identify essential components of an extended response rubric
- generate a list of essential components of an extended response
- apply components utilizing checklist while writing an extended response as a class

NCTE: 5, 11
Illinois : 3.A.2a, 3.B.2a, 4.B.2b

Big chart paper
Loose leaf paper

Get out: paper and pencils. (Hang chart paper on white board.)
-- Brainstorm important components of extended response rubric; make web on board:

- topic sentence/"argument"
- 2-3 reasons
- 2-3 examples/details
- evidence from text
- connection to self
- conclusion

-- Establish that an extended response with all of these attributes will receive the highest grade possible
-- Organize web into checklist: What makes sense to check first while you're writing?

- Write checklist on whole piece of chart paper; post in room
- Students write their own checklists on their own paper; keep in Language Arts notes pocket in binder

-- Write a class extended response. Model thinking: addressing each point on checklist, does it make sense? Could I make it clearer? Use checklist physically to check off aspects when we've done them.

Do you agree with Robert D. Ballard that artifacts from the Titanic should be left at the wreckage? Why or why not?

For this specific activity, class participation will be the biggest indicator of mastery. However, the mastery of writing paragraphs is an ongoing and developing skill; assessments will be made throughout the entire year as students answer extended response questions in their journals, on quizzes, and on standardized tests.

The students did not score highly on the extended response portion of their first diagnostic standardized test of the year. Creating a class rubric will help students internalize the components of a good response, and creating a checklist will help them remember those components while in the process of writing their own responses. We will create a class extended response to model the steps and thinking behind the process of writing a good extended response paragraph.

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