Sample Lesson Plan

Title: Landforms Jigsaw

Date: Mon, Oct. 29 - Thurs, Nov. 5

Suggested Time: 40 minutes, 4 days

Students will be able to:
- select relevant and important information about their landforms from research
- describe the climate, location, wildlife, and plant life that characterize the landform
- explain their information effectively to their classmates in small groups

Illinois : 17.A.2a, 17.A.2b
WIDA: Speaking: L2; Reading: L4; Listening: L4, L5

Research materials
Jigsaw worksheet

Day 1 --
Hand out Jigsaw worksheet, explain expectations/requirements for assignment:
* Each landform group should be able to present on the following:
-- Climate of landform
-- Location of landform
-- Animals that live at/in the landform (wildlife)
-- Plants that live at/in the landform (plant life)
* Write complete sentences about each of these 4 areas on your Jigsaw worksheet. Be as specific and in-depth as possible.
* It may help to make a web of your information before you write it on your worksheet (model on board).
Students work on combining research and answering 4 questions.
* By the end of day 1, students should have at least 3 of the 4 questions completed.

Day 2 --
Finish up your questions.
WHEN FINISHED WITH QUESTIONS, get a laptop and do a Google Image Search for images of your landform. Copy and paste them into a Power Point document and be sure to SAVE the document!!
** If laptops are not available, students can draw pictures instead.
When finished with pictures, practice presentation.

Day 3 --
Mix up groups so that each group has each landform represented. Set timer for 7 minutes: each landform representative has 7 minutes to present. Use Power Point (if available) of pictures in your presentation.

Day 4 --
Finish presentations if necessary
Assessment: Web of each landform including climate, location, animal, and plant life.

Extra time:
Read aloud from chapter 19 of Huckleberry Finn (Mississippi river)

Gearing Up:
- Make a Power Point presentation for your landform

Gearing Down:
- Support from group members
- Use textbook more than research materials
- Web of info before putting it on worksheet

--10/29: Plan a trip to the landform you're studying. How would you get there? What would you do there? What would you pack in your suitcase that would be useful during your visit?
** If you didn't have information on one of the questions, research it tonight.
--10/30: Make a KWL for each of the three other landforms
11/1: Fill in the L for each of the three landforms. Based on what you learned, give the presenter a rating at the bottom of your paper. (5 stars maximum.) After your rating, write 1 sentence about why you gave him/her that rating.
11/5: Time for Kids - read magazine, complete worksheet.

Collect Jigsaw worksheets. Did students answer all 4 questions? How thoroughly? Were they accurate? Did they follow directions by answering in complete sentences? How much did they know about each landform already? Were they able to articulate their knowledge? Did they learn much from the presentations? What ratings did each student get? Did the other students find him/her effective? How much information did the students absorb in the Jigsaw - how much can they put into words? Are they able to address all 4 questions for each landform accurately?

The students already know a fair amount of information about these landforms from past social studies classes. Learning and teaching cooperatively will not only be more engaging than hearing me talk about each landform, it will also give students a chance to expand upon their knowledge in meaningful and individualized ways.

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