Sample Lesson Plan

Title: "Teach Me How to Be Mexican"

Date: Tuesday, October 16

Suggested Time: 60 minutes

Students will be able to:
- Students will be able to:
- create a list of the essential elements of culture as a class
- generate and record in writing and/or drawings examples of one essential element of Hispanic culture in small groups
- value elements of their Mexican culture
- present posters to the class with a clear, audible voice
- respond thoughtfully to questions from peer audience and teacher

Illinois : 18.A.2a
WIDA: Speaking: L4; Reading:L4; Writing: L4; Speaking: L5

Big paper

Remember our discussion of the definition of "Hispanic" yesterday? If you think I'm Hispanic, then you should teach me how to be Hispanic!
-- What do I need to know? **What are some important elements of culture?
* Students generate a list of 8 elements. Look for: language, traditions, religion, food, music, holidays

Each table group will elaborate on one element of culture.
-- Your job is to use words and illustrations to provide examples of your element from Mexican culture. You may write in Spanish.
-- I'm looking for ideas more than "prettiness." If you have time, you can color and make your poster look really nice. At first, please focus on getting your ideas on paper.

Work time

* Hang posters on white board
-- Take 30 seconds to decide on ONE member of your group who will present your poster.
-- You have 2 minutes to present. Make sure you talk about everything that you have on your poster; feel free to add any information to make your poster seem more complete!
-- At the end of each presentation, you can answer questions from the class.
-- Who can tell me some suggestions for really great audience behavior? I'll be looking for those ideas while you're presenting!

Gearing Up and Gearing Down :
Because this is a group-based lesson, students will have opportunities to challenge themselves or receive assistance from their peers within their groups.

- Students offer 8 elements that are truly components of culture
- Posters:
* Students included relevant examples of elements of culture
* Students' posters reflect depth of thought (instead of too much attention to aesthetic detail)
- Presentations:
* Students speak clearly and audibly during presentations
* Students respond articulately to their peers' and teacher's questions

As I am not Hispanic, I would feel silly teaching my Mexican-American students about Hispanic culture! In this lesson, students get to be the experts and teach me! Being deemed experts, students will take pride in their ability to share their culture and in turn value their Hispanic heritage.

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