Philosophy of Education

I believe that a strong classroom community is one of the most important factors in students’ learning. In a classroom where students feel safe, respected, and trusted, they will be able and willing to take risks and feel connected to their learning.

Students learn best when they are able to delve into their curiosity in search of answers for their own questions. It is the role of the teacher to support this curiosity by providing a variety of investigative experiences through which students have opportunities to construct their own knowledge. I believe that confusion should be embraced by teachers and their students because it is an integral part of the learning process. It creates powerful motivation for students to learn as they strive to resolve their confusion.

The classroom is never void of emotion because emotion is an essential component of learning. The human experience should be a constant element of classroom interactions that is used to support all aspects of student learning.

Overall, I believe that the classroom learning environment should be community-oriented and student-centered. The classroom therefore becomes a place for students to feel confident, valued, and competent as they engage in meaningful learning experiences.

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