Rachel Leach


Present Address:
810 Commons Circle Box 842
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
(303) 241-6407

Permanent Address:
3970 17th Street
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 442-2984


Bachelor of Arts. Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa. May 2008
Majors: Elementary Education, Spanish
Certifications: K-6 Classroom Teacher, K-8 Spanish Teacher
3.876 (4.0 scale)
Honors and Awards:

Cervantes Award for Excellence in Spanish, May 2007
Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary Society), May 2006-present
Trustee Scholarship, 2004-present
Fine Arts Scholarship, 2004-present
Dean's List, 2004-present


Student Teacher. Fourth Grade, José Clemente Orozco Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences, Chicago, IL
September-November, 2007

Language Arts:

  • Fostered the English language development of 31 bilingual students through careful modeling and by providing diverse opportunities for oral and written communication
  • Created and implemented learning centers to foster development of reading strategies, vocabulary, grammar, and technology skills as well as independent and cooperative learning
  • Encouraged authentic writing through journal-writing and exchanging informal letters with students


  • Created hands-on activities using manipulatives to solidify students’ understanding of math concepts
  • Developed supplemental materials and lessons to extend students’ understanding of area and perimeter
  • Fostered mastery of place value concepts using base-ten blocks, graphic organizers, and mental math


  • Created role-playing activities in which students physically represented plants in order to visualize structures and contextualize vocabulary relating to plant structure and reproduction
  • Facilitated inquiry by guiding experiments on potato growth and sunlight’s effects on plants
  • Provided opportunities to practice reading strategies such as inferring and summarizing using the science text in order to enhance students’ comprehension of nonfiction texts

Social Studies:

  • Developed and taught lessons on Hispanic culture that encouraged students to value and utilize their own experiences and background knowledge as the main resource of the lessons
  • Encouraged cooperative learning through a jigsaw activity in which groups of students researched and taught their classmates information about landforms in the United States

Additional Experiences:

  • Incorporated technology into all subjects in order to extend students’ background knowledge and provide opportunities for them to become technologically literate
  • Participated in parent/teacher conferences, open house, bi-weekly primary department meetings, and professional development days
  • Initiated and maintained continual collaboration between myself and students, parents, and teachers

Practicum Student. Multiage Third and Fourth grade, Horace Mann Elementary School. Iowa City, IA
February-March 2007

  • Moderated student-led literature circle by observing and participating in student-led discussions
  • Completed and analyzed a miscue analysis with one student
  • Guided small groups during math investigations by questioning and scaffolding understanding

Practicum Student. Second grade, Hiawatha Elementary School, Hiawatha, IA
October-November 2006

  • Planned lessons and instructed two guided reading groups
  • Taught whole-group lessons in math and social studies
  • Facilitated “Rocket Math,” a fact memorization program

Classroom Aide Internship. Fourth grade, Crest View Elementary School, Boulder, CO
February 2006

  • Developed supplemental materials for curriculum focusing on aiding ELL students
  • Planned and led whole-class, small group, and individualized lessons
  • Observed and assisted in an ESL class daily


Teacher/Mentor Roles:

Spanish Teacher. Third grade, Washington Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, IA.December 2006, January 2008
Spanish Tutor. Students ages 5, 7, 9. December 2006-July 2007
Volunteer. Fourth grade, Crest View Elementary School, Boulder, CO. 2002-present

College Activities:

Peer Consultant, Cornell College Writing Studio. December 2007-present
Tour guide, Cornell College Office of Admission. December 2007-present
Student Assistant, Spanish Department. December 2007-present
Actress and Director, Spanish Theatre. (Adjunct course) January-May 2007, January 2008-present
Member, Spanish Club. 2006-present
Member, Advisory Committee to the Dean of Students. 2006-2007
Co-spiritual leader, activity coordinator, member. Roman Catholic Community Association. 2005-present
Assistant to the President, Knot Just for Grannies. (Knitting and crocheting club) 2004-present
Assistant Shop Manager and Seamstress, Cornell College Costume Studio. 2004-2007
Mentor , Lunch Buddies. 2004-2006


Gayle Luck , Ph.D.
Education Professor
600 First Street SW
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
(319) 895-4251
Maria Fuentes
Cooperating Teacher
J. C. Orozco Academy
1940 West 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 534-7215
Nancy Friesen
Placement Supervisor
Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture
1515 East 52nd Place, Floor 2
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 561-5766

Credentials on file at:
Teacher Placement Office
Cornell College
600 First Street SW
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
(319) 895-4358 (office)
(319) 895-4473

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