Beyond Tomás and the Library Lady: A Webquest about Migrant Farm Workers


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Welcome to this webquest! I hope you enjoyed reading Tomás and the Library Lady! In this story, we meet Tomás as he is on his way to Iowa with his family to work in the cornfields for the summer. Tomás loves listening to his grandfather, Papá Grande, tell stories. Since Tomás knows all of Papá Grande's stories by heart, Papá Grande suggests that Tomás go to the library to find more stories. The next day, Tomás ventures to the library where he meets a kind librarian. She gives him books that take him on all sorts of journeys in his imagination. After reading many new stories, Tomás becomes the family's storyteller. At the end of the summer, Tomás and his family have to leave for Texas where they will work during the winter. Tomás goes to say goodbye to the library lady and she gives him a book to take with him so that he can have reading adventures wherever he goes.


The Objectives

During this webquest, you will gain a deeper understanding of the lives of migrant farm workers by:

* Gathering information about the lives of influential and/or famous people who were once migrant farm workers

* Exploring the stories of real migrant farm workers who live and work in the United States today

* Collecting data and facts about migrant farm workers

Throughout the webquest, you will write journal entries that describe your learning process as you investigate information about migrant farm workers.

When you are done investigating, you and your classmates will create a booklet that will help other students understand the lives of migrant farm workers like Tomás.

Before Getting Started

You will be doing a lot of journaling as you complete this webquest. You will need the following information at the beginning of each journal entry you write:

Your name
The date
The name of the website you are writing about
A one-sentence summary of the website

Here are some questions to consider when you make your journal entries:

  • What was this webpage/video about?
  • What did I learn from reading/watching it?
  • What surprised me?
  • Did I already know something about what it said?
  • Does this story/video relate to my life? How?
  • What does this story/video remind me of? Why?
  • What else do I want to know after looking at this website/watching this video?
  • Did the website/video answer any questions I had? Which ones?

You may also add any other questions, comments, thoughts, etcetera to your journal entries. Please write about only one website per journal entry. Click on the links below for journal writing tips.

Writing a Reflective Journal Entry


You are now ready to begin your webquest! ¡Buena suerte!


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