Beyond Tomás and the Library Lady: A Webquest about Migrant Farm Workers


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The Next Tasks:

The following tasks will have information about migrant farm workers that is divided into three sections:

The first section contains information about people who grew up as migrant farm workers who are now well-known in another profession.
(All well-known people's biographies will be green.)

The websites in the second section tell the stories of real-life migrant farm workers.
(All real-life stories will be brown.)

The third section contains links to audio and video clips in which migrant farm workers describe different aspects of their lives.
(All audio/video clips will be red.)

Please explore at least two links from each task. These links should be from different sections, and you may select only one audio/video link. After exploring the information from the links, select one to record and write about in your journal.

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Tomás Rivera and Migrant Students

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Tomás Rivera
Did you know that Tomás and the Library Lady was based on the life of a real man? Read this website to learn more about the man who inspired the book you just read.

Interviews of Migrant High School Students
This website presents interviews of three high school students who are the children of migrant farm workers. If you choose to make a journal entry of this site, you only need to write about one of the interviews.

A Migrant Student's Video Diary
Follow Liliana Luis and her family through a year of their lives. The videos on this site present the difficulties of migrating from the viewpoint of a teenager. There are more videos available on the left of the page under "see more." You can choose to write about one or all of the videos you watch.

Did you remember to record the web address in your journal entry?

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Francisco Jiménez and Migrant Farm Worker Housing

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Francisco Jiménez
This author and professor has written many books in both Spanish and English about his childhood. He was the son of migrant farm workers in California.

Erica Sanchez
Read about this migrant farm worker who lives in the luxury of a trailer home and dreams of becoming a teacher.

Interview with a Farm Worker Housing Advocate
Jesus Fernandez describes the living arrangements of migrant workers in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

Housing Conditions of Migrant Workers
This is an interview with two migrant workers (Maria Gomez and Vicente Naguerra) and various other state and local officials who discuss the problematic housing conditions of migrant workers.

Hector Martinez
This migrant farm worker discusses the housing conditions he has experienced. *Click on the first interview.* Feel free to listen to the other interviews.

Armando Peña: A Video Diary
Watch this short video to get an idea of what it was like for Armando to work in the fields. *Click on the interview marked "December 17, 2002" (the fourth interview down).* Feel free to watch the other videos too.

Have your ideas about migrant farm workers changed since you started this webquest?

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Luis Valdez, a Neighborhood Tour, and a Wedding



Luis Valdez
This playwright is a child of migrant farmworkers. He founded Teatro Campesino, a theater that was dedicated to making the problems faced by farm workers visible.

  • Teatro Campesino
    Click here for some more information on the "farm workers' theatre" created by Luis Valdez.

A Colonia Experience
Click on this link to take an interactive tour through a migrant farm workers' community in Texas.

Pedro Gómez
Read about Pedro Gómez, a migrant worker who sung a duo with Elvis Presley.

La Boda
See a short clip about Elizabeth Luis, a migrant farm worker, as she plans for her wedding. *Click on "Interview" just below "Behind the Lens."*

Maria Moldonado
Listen to this audio clip of a mother discussing the strains of migrant life on her six-year-old daughter. *Click on the second interview.*


Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were a migrant farm worker?

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Take a moment to reflect. Jot down your thoughts in your journal.

What new information did you learn during this webquest?
Have your ideas and opinions of migrant workers changed? How?
What was the most surprising information you found on your quest?
Is there anything you still want to know?

Before you go on, please make sure you have all seven of your journal entries completed.


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