Beyond Tomás and the Library Lady: A Webquest about Migrant Farm Workers


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First Things First: What is a Migrant Worker?

Before you explore:
Take a moment to write down anything and everything you know about migrant farm workers.
Also record any questions you have. Write this on the first page of your journal.


Do you know much about migrant farm workers? In this task, you will be able to explore a variety of websites that will give you a better idea of who migrant farm workers are and how they live. This information will prepare you for the investigations you will make throughout your webquest. You may look through all of the sites, but you must pick two to write about in your journal.

Who Migrants Are and Where They Go

Facts on Migrant Farm Workers

Migrant Farm workers of Illinois

Migrant Life and Facts

Educational Challenges for Migrant Students

Are there any migrant students in your school district? Click on the link below and enter your state and city in the designated areas (don't worry about entering any other information).

National Center for Education Statistics

I bet you learned a lot from those websites! Please remember to write at least two journal entries about your research. These journal entries might contain quite a few facts, but don't forget to include your reactions and opinions too! And remember to record which sites you wrote about!


When you finish with your journal entries, please move onto the next tasks!

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