Beyond Tomás and the Library Lady: A Webquest about Migrant Farm Workers


Think back to the story of Tomás and the Library Lady.

"Tomás was on his way to Iowa again with his family. His mother and father were farm workers. They picked fruit and vegetables for Texas farmers in the winter and for Iowa farmers in the summer. Year after year they bump-bumped along in their rusty old car."

In this webquest, you explored the stories of many different migrant farm workers. You probably have a much better idea of what life is like for people who move with the seasons to find work on farms. I bet the information you discovered on your webquest gives you a deeper understanding of Tomás and the Library Lady.

Now your job is to share that understanding with others!

You will work in groups of four. (I will choose your groups.) Each group is responsible for making one book about migrant farm workers that will help all readers gain a better understanding of Tomás and the Library Lady.

What to Include:

  • Pages:

Your book should have at least four pages. (Feel free to add more!) You will be graded on the neatness of your book, so make sure your handwriting is neat and your spelling and grammar are correct.
There are many materials in the classroom that you may use for the pages of your book. Be creative!

  • Facts, general information, stories, etcetera:

Think about what is most important to your own understanding of migrant workers.

* Each member of your group might have a different idea of what is key to understanding the lives of migrant farm workers. It is up to your group to decide how to handle this situation - you may create each page of your book individually, in partners, or as a whole group. Make sure that every group member's ideas are represented in your book. Also make sure that every group member participates in making the book.

  • Quotes:

You may choose to add quotes to your book. Feel free to use any of the web pages from the webquest. You must cite your quotes. Your citation should look like this: "Your quote" (

  • Images:

Images can help you present information in your book. I encourage you to use any images you find in the webquest. You may also follow the links below to more images. You must cite your images. Below the image, include the address of the website from which you took your picture.


Remember: Your goal is not to retell all of the stories you read and heard on the webquest. Rather, you should present the most important information that you think will help your readers gain a better understanding of what it means to be a migrant farm worker. Your book will help people better understand Tomás' life.

One last thing: Evaluation!


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