English lesson plans

Bird's nests

Students used a procedural text to create bird's nests for our lunchtime dessert.

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Expanding Vocabulary

Using a classroom chart and word cards, students described characteristics of yummy food.

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Math lesson plans

Money, money, money

Students participated in an improvisational story to apply the process of 3-digit addition to situations involving yen.

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Rainbow supermarket

Students went "shopping" in our classroom store to estimate costs and practice 3-digit addition.

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Science lesson plans

The shape of the moon

Students used a volleyball and the natural sunlight to visualize why the moon changes shape.

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Electromagnet workshop

Students participated in a workshop to review concepts through practical applications.

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Social Studies lesson plans

A murder in the forum!

Students participated in a role-play murder mystery to solve the case and learn about the death of Caesar.

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A day in the life of the Romans

A culminating lesson plan, celebrating Roman culture by participating in a variety of activities.

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