At the end of my student teaching teaching experience, I wrote a professional development plan to reflect on my teaching philosophies and experiences and explore possibilities for my future.

In the plan, I outlined the philosophies that I am looking for in a potential school, where I would like to teach and how I plan to obtain a job after graduation in the spring. I also researched the role of a reading specialist and explained why I feel I am best fit for the role of a classroom teacher within the school environment. For my professional growth, I researched teacher unions and explained reasons to join or not join, looked up conferences to attend and journals to read in my content area, and identified a graduate school program that I may attend in the future.

The professional development plan illustrates my commitment to both the teaching profession and to my own growth as an individual. As a teacher, I will have many decisions to make as I continue to develop my practice, and this plan demonstrates my willingness to reflect on my thoughts and create achievable goals for the future.

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