Rachel Tjaden

Permanent Address:
105 4th Street East
Jordan, MN 55352
(952) 492-3548

Present Address:
Box 1109
810 Commons Circle
Mt. Vernon, IA 52314
(612) 220-3850


Bachelor of Arts, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA, May 2008
Major: Elementary Education
Endorsement: K-6 Classroom Teacher and K-8 English/Language Arts
GPA: 3.878/4.0



Trustee Scholarship, 2004 – present
Cornell International Fellow in Elementary English Immersion Education, 2007
Dean’s List, 2004 – present


Student Teacher, 2nd grade English & Mathematics, 4/5/6th grade Science. Katoh Elementary School, Numazu, Shizouka, Japan, August-November 2007


  • Incorporated multiple instructional strategies, including phonics and whole language, to foster continued language development in 52 English language learners.
  • Promoted awareness of grammar, punctuation, and the writing process using self-editing processes to develop student guided learning.
  • Enhanced creative writing skills through journal and short story assignments by encouraging students’ original ideas and imagination.
  • Created an atmosphere of success and engagement by encouraging clarity, expression, and confidence of student voices through whole class reading.


  • Taught an engaging 2-week, 3-digit addition unit using a variety of instructional strategies, including hands-on learning, storytelling, and individual and group work to guide student learning and provide opportunities for application of skills.
  • Promoted cooperation and group work by introducing and implementing math games to build basic fact recollection and advanced addition skills.
  • Built confidence and engaged students in continued language development through integration of English language functions by encouraging students to write original story problems, formulate sentences, and verbalize answers and stories.
  • Determined which concepts the students were able to grasp and which concepts needed to be revisited through careful reflection of written assessments.


  • Fostered critical thinking and encouraged of individual curiosity by recording observations and questions as a class using science lab notebooks.
  • Taught a lesson to 4 th graders about the phases of the Moon, using technology and a hands-on experiment using a volleyball and sunlight to provide students with a concrete opportunity to visualize an abstract concept.
  • Created and led two review workshops, focusing on meaningful activities in levers and electromagnets so students could work directly with concepts.

Additional Experiences

  • Collaborated with professionals to develop effective teaching strategies for English language learners through weekly meetings and a professional development seminar.
  • Enabled students to take ownership of the content being addressed as well as their own behavior and peer interactions through open-ended questioning.
  • Actively participated in school functions beyond the classroom, including the annual Speech Contest, two field trips, and the Katoh Elementary Bazaar.


Reading and Language Arts Practicum Teacher, Multi-age 1st and 2nd grade. Van Allen Elementary School, North Liberty, IA, February-March 2007

  • Facilitated guided reading with individuals and groups of students to develop reading fluency, comprehension strategies, and phonemic awareness.
  • Completed a child study employing miscue analysis, personal observation, and reading and writing assessments to create an individual plan for reading growth.
  • Taught a whole class lesson modeling story webbing for an animal research report to develop organizational skills and independence as writers.

Math, Science, and Social Studies Practicum Teacher, 3rd grade. Penn Elementary, North Liberty, IA October-November 2006

  • Collaborated with a small group of students to reinforce basic addition and subtraction skills through hands-on activities and mental math strategies.
  • Taught an investigative math lesson using arrays to visualize multiplication problems to accommodate multiple types of learners.
  • Encouraged student curiosity and predictive skills by guiding a hands-on science experiment, in which students discovered properties of hot and cold water density.


Webmaster, Mortar Board, 2007 – 2008
The Cornellian Co-Editor-in-Chief 2006 – 2007, Head Copy Editor 2005 – 2006
Stand Tall Performing Arts Group, 2004 – 2006
Wind Ensemble, 2004 – 2006
Volunteer, The Arc, 2004 – 2005
Connect Floor, first-year leadership and service program, 2004 – 2005


Student Assistant, English Department, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA Sept. 2006 – present
Student Web Assistant, Office of College Communications, Mt. Vernon, IA Nov. 2005 – present


Kerry Bostwick, Ph.D.
Education Department, Chair
(319) 895-4282
106 College Hall
Cornell College

Gayle Luck, Ph.D.
Professor and Advisor
Education Department
(319) 895- 4251
108 College Hall
Cornell College

Gerard Morice
Student Teacher Supervisor
Head Teacher
Katoh Elementary School
Numazu, Shizouka, Japan

Teacher Placement Office, Box 2449
Cornell College
600 First Street West
Mount Vernon, IA 52314-1006
Office: (319)-895-4358
Fax: (319) 895-4473






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